Thursday, January 17, 2008

Web 2.0 Recruiting Platform

Here’s a brief overview of what I’m referring to as an ideal Web 2.0 Recruiting Platform

I would look for this to not only have the traditional ATS capabilities, but to also accommodate collaboration and communication between internal and external sources at a couple different levels.

A few layers of interaction might be one for internal information, collaboration, process, and tracking; interaction between internal and external; another for the external community.

For the internal community, being able to track activity and process as a regular Applicant Tracking System, but to also have features such as built in blogs (regular or micro), Wiki type collaboration, discussion groups, chat, tag clouds, skill matching, etc

For duel interaction, it would be very similar to a system called Jobvite. The ability to announce to SIG or individuals about current openings and potential skill matches. Also provide them the ability to forward to peers or even send recommendations. If they aren’t part of a SIG, this would also be a great way to get them involved by also including an invite to a SIG that matches their predominant skill-set.

For the external community, I would envision the ability to create Virtual Communities that would be geared towards special interest groups. This could be a place where candidates and employees can go to learn and share ideas with each other. There would also be features as listed for the internal community.

Being able to reach out using services like LinkedIn, FaceBook, MyBlogLog, MySpace, Naymz, Plaxo Pulse, Spock, Blogs,, and Twitter, to drive people with targeted interests to the perspective SIG community, would essentially create the ability for an organization to “Virtually Capture” an enormous candidate pool. For a Recruiter, this would be an invaluable resource.