Tuesday, January 15, 2008

6 Part Pipeline Generation Strategy

  1. Job Posting- Re-visit your current job posting, and if needed, further develop the effectiveness of those job postings. Make sure to include lots and lots of key words relevant to the individual areas. Not just a laundry list of key words- but relevant material that is rich in key words.
  2. Resume Agents- Set up an agent with the job boards you subscribe to, that target at least 3 of your pipeline areas; this should be a single agent that targets multiple skill-sets- not 3 separate agents. Have it set to deliver these agents on a daily basis. Ensure you review as part of your morning routine and contact appropriately.
  3. Email Campaign- Compose a general pipeline email targeted to your specific pipeline areas - should be short, to the point with a main goal of getting them into the office for a face to face interview.
  4. Candidate & Talent Referrals- Focus on targeting currently working talent, previously placed talent that have gone perm through your organization, and previously place consultants not currently on assignment. Also focus on well connected people who have a vast sphere of influence within your pipeline arena- these people don’t have to be current or former talent.
  5. Networking Groups- Work your LinkedIn and other social networking groups. Reach out to individuals 2 or 3 levels deep in your network. Introduce them to your organization and its services. Research and join other online networking groups.
  6. Data Mining- Use advanced internet search techniques to harvest names, mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Introduce them to your company and the services you offer.