Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Goal Setting

A goal is a general statement of what an individual intends to accomplish. Without goals, we have nothing to guide our actions for the year. Goals provide us with something to strive for and an evaluation measure to determine what we have accomplished over the year.

We should all engage ourselves in self-examination of what our current status is, and where we want it to be. Through this process, goals can be developed that will guide our actions and efforts. Before examining the process of goal setting, there are five main elements to remember about goals.

Goals should be:

Short – A goal should be brief and to the point so that it can be committed to memory. If a goal is more than a short paragraph, it may actually be two separate goals

Achievable – Too often the reason we fail is because the initial goal was not realistic or attainable. Set goals that are realistic for you. They should be high but not so high that you can never attain them

Measurable – Don’t use vague or unclear terms in your goals. Make your goals quantifiable. If you set a goal to increase your GP, state by how much. We will increase our GP by X% over the next year

Positive – Make sure you state your goals in a positive manner. State what you want to accomplish not what you want to avoid. Mentally this will help you work towards your goal

Time sensitive – Your goal will be broad so you will need to create objectives that determine the exact action that will be taken to achieve the goals. The objectives will have a set starting time and a definitive completion date. This will help keep you stay focused and lead to success

There are many different theories, styles, and ideas that exist for individuals and groups to set goals. The following outline should help you create a road map for your goal development. This process will help you determine where you are presently in your goal development, where you want it to be in the future, and how to get there. Remember, no matter what goals you set, make sure they are measurable so at the end of the year, you can clearly determine if you have been successful

Define your current state
Be honest in describing who you are as a recruiter and state what you need to improve on. For instance, I am a talented and effective Technical Recruiter, valued by the organization as a dependable professional who can be counted on to make good sound decisions. I do, however, need to improve my consultant follow up and retention activities, as well as increase my over all GP

1. What do I need to work on?
2. What areas can I focus on?
3. What has been successful/unsuccessful?
4. What are some potential roadblocks?
5. What resources do I have available to accomplish my goals?

Refine brainstorming to create goals
1. I will improve over all headcount and GP over the next year
2. I will work more collaboratively with at least three other Branches this year

Establish objectives
1. I will be responsible for placing X number of new consultants by given date
2. My GP will reach X by given date
3. I will participate in both Professional and organizationally sponsored events

Coordinate activities
1. Coordinate and host technical user group functions at the Branch in order to attract new technical talent
2. Conduct a raffle at the event for those prospective employees who attend the meetings
3. Implement an awareness campaign via the Internet and through advertisements in technical trade journals

Determine accountability
1. I will be responsible for keeping track of my progress in placing the consultants needed to achieve the desired GP level
2. I will coordinate all events, meetings, and related social events with the primary purpose of recruiting new professionals

Post Goals and Objectives
1. Post your goals and objectives where they are visible during all meetings so you remember to stay focused on them

Goal Evaluation
1. At the end of the year, review the goals to determine if you succeeded in achieving them
2. The goal process does not end until this final evaluation
3. After the evaluation, you can set new goals for the next year