Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Recruiting Resources

There are many resources out on the market for recruiting and the decision on what to use can be overwhelming. Recruiting is a broad topic and all of the reference materials, on the market, can provide useful tips and insights.

This list provides some excellent resources to assist you in developing a recruiting plan, allow you to overcome objections and have a prescreening plan in place:

Peter Weddle:

THE KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL RECRUITING AND STAFFING: Provides an understanding of how to win the Talent War and a strong understanding of the evolution of recruiting.
TAKING THE HIGH GROUND IN TALENT RECRUITMENT (Video): This video captures the evolution of online recruitment, the changing dynamics of the Talent War and the most effective techniques for souring and recruiting.
THE HOLLOW ENTERPRISE: This book describes what is plaguing American corporations with their decisions and their drive to chase out the best and brightest of their employees.
POSTCARDS FROM SPACE: BEING THE BEST IN ONLINE RECRUITING & HR MANAGEMENT: This book recognizes the time constraints facing Recruiters. The topics are covered in short essays (i.e. postcards) that will help you understand concepts and strategies. The book concentrates on providing you with easy-to-use tips and insights on how to successfully use the Internet for recruiting.

Bill Radin:

BILLING POWER! THE RECRUITER’S GUIDE TO PEAK PERFORMANCE: A How To Guide of building better scripts, strategies for closing more deals and how to convert candidates into placements.
THE RECRUITER’S ALMANAC OF SCRIPTS, REBUTTALS AND CLOSES: Contains countless techniques for handling every situation.
SHUT UP & MAKE MORE MONEY: Includes tools, training tips and methods to increase control
ADVANCED STRATEGIES FOR RECRUITERS: This is an informative book of the business behind recruiting
RECRUTING AND THE ART OF CONTROL – HOW TO FILL MORE JOBS IN A CANDIDATE DRIVEN MARKET: A How To guide on building stronger relationships with your candidates.

Barbara Ling:

EASILY FIND FREE RESUMES ONLINE: The book concentrates on providing you with easy-to-use tips and insights on how to successfully use the Internet for recruiting.
MAX JOB POSTING PROFITS: The book concentrates on providing you with easy-to-use tips and insights on how to successfully use the Internet for recruiting.

Peter Lefcowitz – Morgan Consulting:

NEW RECRUITER START UP (Video): Recruiting basics for all levels
WORLD CLASS MARKETING (Audio CD): Selling the client on you and your candidate
RECRUITER’S KIT: THREE ESSENTIAL DESKTOP TOOLS: What every recruiter should have on their desktops.
THE ART OF COMPETITIVE PREPARATION (Video): How to present candidates to attract your clients’ attention.
SOURCING, RECRUITING AND INTERVIEWING (Audio CD): Classic introduction to Peter Lefcowitz and his philosophies.
PLANNING AND TIME MANAGEMENT – CD: When and what you should do.


COMPUTERS: SYSTEMS, TERMS AND ACRONYMS – Reference Book: Explains computer technology and computer terminology in plain English – for the non-technical person.

International Staffing University:

E-MARKETING SALES & RECRUITING STAFF MANUAL: How to develop a tool that will allow you to manage and develop your workforce.
BUILDING SALES FROM THE STAFFING DESK: Become more of a contributor by developing sales leads from your recruiting calls.
DIRECT HIRE: The best practices for making permanent placements.

Magazines / Periodicals:

Workforce Magazine – from Workforce Management
HR Magazine and Staffing Management – from SHRM
Information Week – from CMP
Intelligent Enterprise – from Intelligent Enterprise

Free for Recruiters: www.free-for-recruiters.com
Software Guild: www.scguild.com
Grand Slam Talent: www.grandslamtalent.com
Electronic Recruiter Exchange: http://www.erexchange.com
Workforce: www.workforce.com
Recruiters Online Network: www.recruitersonline.com
America’s Job Bank: www.ajb.dni.us
Networking News for Recruiters: www.topechelon.com
Staffing Industry Report: www.sireport.com
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: www.eeoc.gov
American Compensation Association: www.acaonline.org
Paycheck Calculator: www.paycheckcity.com
SHRM on line: www.shrm.org
Technical Term Dictionary: www.whatis.com
SAP Information & Resources: www.sapgenie.com
Resume Search Engines: www.passive-candidates.com; www.help-wanted.net; www.fatjob.com; www.arejobs.com; www.monster.com; www.dice.com; www.careerbuilder.com; www.justtechjobs.com
Labor Statistics: www.dol.gov
Technical Interview Questions: www.techinterviews.com
Technical Evaluations: www.proveit.com